The modern kitchen is the most important room in your home. It is where you and your family gather not only for meals but also to socialise. The kitchen is the hub of the home where meals are created and bodies and minds are fuelled. Today’s kitchen is much more than just a kitchen; it is living space. It is thus important that you should have professional Brisbane kitchen designers Kimu Joinery help you discover your dream kitchen.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, Kimu designs and custom makes beautiful residential kitchens. With extensive knowledge of the industry and unique skills in cabinetmaking and more, we provide our customers with the dream kitchens they have always desired.

Designing Brisbane Custom Kitchens

When considering your dream kitchen, a number of things come to mind. Space is a big concern. Modern kitchens tend to be larger than those of old. Since the kitchen is also living space where family friends often gather, you need to think about how you want to use the kitchen. The Kimu team can help you with design and layout having worked closely with builders, designers, and architects.

With the space available in mind, one of your first considerations will be cabinets. Kimu Joinery was established with the goal of becoming the most sought after and respected cabinetmaking company in Brisbane and South East Queensland. We remain committed to that goal and can custom design, make, and install gorgeous kitchen cabinets that not only serve as storage for your cutlery and small appliances but also look fabulous.

Another element that is vital to the modern kitchen is the island. The island can accomplish many things. It can provide additional storage. It may be where you locate your sink or we may install a range top to make it a cooking area. An island may also serve as an eating area. There are various possibilities and Kimu is here to make them come true in your kitchen.

Make the Right Choice for Kitchen Renovations in Brisbane

Kimu Joinery has years of experience in dealing with even the most difficult of kitchen renovations. We have built strong relationships over the years with numerous repeat clients who offer us the best compliments – referrals. We only use the best quality materials from reliable suppliers including Stefano Orlati, Silestone, and Laminex to name a few. Kimu can provide you with any number of custom options or we can install preassembled items depending upon your goals, budget, and desired result.

Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service. Kitchen renovations can become frustrating. From dealing with not having a functional kitchen to receiving the correct supplies, any number of things can go wrong. Kimu Joinery works to make your process as stress free as possible. We ensure you receive the best products that are properly installed so that you can enjoy the kitchen of your dreams. For a consultation on your Brisbane kitchen renovations, call us on 07 3245 6769 or send us an email at We look forward to helping you achieve your dream kitchen.