The kitchen is the heart of any home. In most households, the kitchen is much more than just a spot for food preparation. Before kitchens were used primarily for cooking, with the dining room or the living room serving as the core gathering spots. Nowadays, though, the kitchen is both a hub for food prep and a core gathering spot. Modern kitchens are often larger and more open than their older counterparts, with plenty of space to congregate and eat, drink, chat or work. Some architects and real estate experts have even gone as far as to call the kitchen ‘the new living room.’

Starting Your Kitchen Redesign with Kimu Joinery

The bottom line is that, whether you are trying to sell your home or impress visitors, the kitchen should be your first point of focus in a home renovation. At Kimu Joinery, we can provide cheap kitchens in Brisbane without sacrificing quality. We are a Brisbane-based company that focuses specifically on the design of custom kitchen cabinets. Our cabinet work is affordable but stunning. Our cabinetry and joinery work can ensure a quality finish to the kitchen of your dreams—all without demanding that you empty your bank account to make it happen.

By working with only the best suppliers, Kimu can provide Brisbane flat pack kitchens that we can assemble on-site prior to installation. In addition to cabinets, we can provide shelving solutions and pantry designs that integrate seamlessly into your kitchen design.

What sets Kimu Joinery apart from other Brisbane kitchen cabinet makers is our ability to respond to challenges. Because we base all of our Brisbane flat pack kitchens on custom designs, we can build cabinets to suit even the most unusual kitchen designs. Do you have an irregular kitchen floor plan? Do you need cabinets that can suit multiple different counter heights? Do your substantial storage requirements demand floor-to-ceiling cabinets or pantries? Regardless of criteria, we can design custom Brisbane cheap kitchens to fit your space perfectly.

Wow Your Friends with a Beautiful Set of Brisbane Kitchen Cabinets

As mentioned previously, the kitchen is the hub of the house in most cases—the core location not only for cooking but parties and gatherings as well. If you want to wow your friends or family members at your next social, start by calling Kimu Joinery. Our Brisbane cheap kitchen cabinets can apply a professional and elegant finish to your space, making it look like a page out of a home décor magazine. From our custom cabinet designs to our innovative kitchen storage solutions, our work will get everyone talking. You will be the envy of everyone at your party because you will have the kitchen of everyone’s dream. Best of all, you won’t have to pay a premium price to get a premium kitchen.

Are you interested in learning more about Kimu Joinery and our custom flat pack kitchens in Brisbane? Call us on 07 3245 6769 to speak with one of our sales representatives, or send an email to to enquire about price or services.