Do you have a prized possession or a collection of high-value items that you want to show off to your visitors or make a centrepiece to your dining room or living room? Whether it’s your wedding china, a collection of model cars or a set of expensive crystal wine glasses, the chances are that you have some collection or item that you would like to make a more visible component of your home. After all, you spent the time and money tracking down these items and building them into a collection. You should be able to enjoy them and your guests should be able to admire them.

A Museum in Your Home

At Kimu Joinery, it was under these fundamental beliefs that we began offering beautiful glass display cabinets in Brisbane. As cabinet makers with a combined 30 years of experience in the industry, we primarily specialise in bedroom, bathroom and kitchen storage solutions.

Our glass display cabinets, are less about storage and more about presentation. We want to help you make your most prized possessions look like museum exhibits. There’s something about ornate dishes, favourite family photographs or exotic pieces of art that look particularly gorgeous behind glass. Kimu Joinery, through productive partnerships with the best suppliers and our proven craftsmanship, can help you bring that type of impressive, tasteful décor into your home.

A Custom Brisbane Display Cabinet Just for You

What sets Kimu Joinery apart from the other businesses or stores offering glass display cabinets in Brisbane is that our cabinets are always custom built to meet your needs or preferences. Sure, you could go out to a furniture store and find a cabinet with glass doors or display windows. However, the cabinet would not be built to fit your space and would not be designed to suit the specific items you wish to display. Instead, you would have to amend your wants or needs to the existing design of the cabinet.

At Kimu Joinery, we take great pride in designing and building cabinets specifically for our customers. Do you have awkward dimensions in your kitchen or dining room, or do you need to squeeze your glass display cabinet into a room with other furniture and pre-installed cabinetry? We can measure the dimensions of your space and build a custom cabinet that accommodates your space requirements.

Similarly, when you call Kimu Joinery for a glass display cabinet in Brisbane, we can tailor the design to suit what you are planning on showing. How tall do you need the shelves to be? How do you want the shelving distributed throughout the unit? What type of doors or windows will best show off your china, crystal or other valuables? When you contract our services, we can sit down with you to discuss what you want out of your design. From there, we can work to build a custom cabinet that ticks all of the boxes without sacrificing craftsmanship or beauty.

Are you interested in making Kimu Joinery your source for custom Brisbane display cabinets? Call us on 07 3245 6769 to get started.