Whether you are building a new home or renovating the bedrooms of an older one, investing in custom, fitted wardrobes can be a smart choice that takes your property to the next level. At Kimu Joinery, custom made wardrobes are one of the specialities of our Brisbane-based business. We can measure your space, build a wardrobe to suit the unique dimensions and install the closet for you—all in one comprehensive service.

Why Brisbane Custom Wardrobes Are the Right Choice for Your Home

Why are fitted wardrobes such an excellent choice for the bedrooms in your home? Why not just go out and buy a wardrobe from your nearest furniture shop? What benefits does a custom made model offer than a standard wardrobe can’t muster? There are numerous reasons why Brisbane custom wardrobes are almost always a better bet—particularly for a luxurious master bedroom. Here are just a few of those reasons:

You get a better fit: The primary benefit of freestanding wardrobes is that they are mobile. You can move them from room to room if need be, or to a new house should you ever want to move. The trade-off is that freestanding wardrobes are never perfect for any one space. In some rooms, they might be too big and make the flow of the space feel awkward. In other rooms, they might look too small. Occasionally, the layouts of doors in a room won’t leave enough wall space for your freestanding wardrobe—at least without it getting in the way of walking paths or other furniture. When you work with Kimu Joinery for your custom made wardrobes in Brisbane, you get designs that fit your rooms perfectly—maximising your usage of space and minimising disruption of flow.

You get a storage solution to suit your needs: Pre-build wardrobes are truly one-size-fits-all in design. The drawers, hanging spaces and other nooks and crannies of the wardrobe are distributed so that they can suit the largest number of people. It can be frustrating when this one-size-fits-all design doesn’t suit your storage needs. Kimu Joinery can design a wardrobe solution that suits you perfectly, providing just the right amount shelf, drawer, compartment or rack space for all your clothes, shoes and more.

You ensure the right look: When you move a wardrobe from one house to the next, it’s possible that the fit will be okay, but the look probably won’t be quite right. The wall colours, flooring hues and wood finishes of your new space are probably not identical to what they were at your old house, which means that your wardrobe might clash. With Brisbane custom made wardrobes from Kimu Joinery, you get a wardrobe design that looks like it was built into your master bedroom from day one.

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