An outdoor kitchen at your Brisbane home offers you many advantages. Kimu Joinery can make your outdoor paradise come alive with full design and installation capabilities. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our team has a wide range of skill in residential kitchen projects including the successful installation of outdoor kitchens. Here is what an outdoor kitchen from Kimu can do for you.

Brisbane Outdoor Kitchens Are Great for Entertaining

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect spaces for entertaining guests. On a beautiful weekend afternoon or a nice evening, your guests can gather together and socialise while the meal is prepared in your fully functioning kitchen. There are no crowds like there may be in your indoor kitchen. There is plenty of space for everyone. You can enhance the area by adding all sorts of outdoor furnishings, lights, music, and more.

A Brisbane Outdoor Kitchen Increases the Value of Your Home

The popularity of outdoor kitchens is on the rise. More homeowners are opting to have them installed. As they become more desirable, home buyers are willing to pay a little extra for homes that already have outdoor kitchens. Having Kimu Joinery install an outdoor kitchen is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Expand Your Living Space

If you ever thought about renovating your home to add some space, think again. The team at Kimu offers you the perfect alternative – completely installed fully functional outdoor kitchens in Brisbane. You, your family members, and friends and guests can congregate outside. If the area happens to be covered, you can enjoy the extra space any time of the year.

Save Money on Your Utility Bills

You may not have realised, but an outdoor kitchen helps you use less energy inside of your home. In the summer months, you can enjoy cooking and dining outdoors. Cooking inside elevates the temperature in your home and forces your air conditioning system to work even harder. If you have an electric range cooker, you can save on electricity used in cooking by using an outdoor grill. While the savings may not be huge, it is still savings.

Save Money, Dine Out Less

Who wants to eat out at a restaurant when you can enjoy wonderful home-cooked meals in your own outdoor paradise? With custom designed cabinetry from Kimu Joinery and a luxurious looking outdoor kitchen, you don’t need to spend money on eating out at restaurants. Your family will not only reap the health benefits but also have more quality time when everyone pitches in to prepare food. Dining out can become expensive. Save the money, eat healthier, and enjoy your outdoor dining area.

Call for a Free Consultation

To experience the luxury and comforts an amazing outdoor kitchen, call Kimu Joinery today on 07 3245 6769 or send us an email at We provide you with outstanding service which includes using the highest quality products and the latest in technology to achieve your goals. It is our desire to make the addition of an outdoor in kitchen in your Brisbane home as worry and stress free as possible.